Monday, November 1, 2010

Oct. 11, 2010

Ok WOW!!! I feel so thankful to have family and friends like yall! Sabe que?! Your emails were just exactly what I needed to receive this week! All of them. I loved TODO!! So thank you so much for your testimonies and faith and dedication to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Incredible. Ha so this week just kinda happened. We worked A FULL but didn't see much success, just one of those weeks. And just some of our progressing investigators are falling, oh and ha something else...about that apartment we were suppossed to move into and was absolutely perfect, just didn't work out. Pretty much everything was just a miracle and we were so excited and everyone was so excited that we found somewhere to live and everything, and then President decided he needed to look over the contract and make sure it was good. So apparently he made some changes on it, and when the Elder called to see what the lady was thinking, she told him that she had just decided to rent it to somebody else. Can you believe it?! So then we were in trouble because we didn't have anywhere to live, so we had to call and beg the familia Zafra again and they said it would be fine. So basically all day Wednesday we spent moving into our new place. Ha we barely fit all of our stuff in and a lot of stuff is just still in suitcases because we are still trying to find somewhere to live, ha and we don't really have a kitchen, well we do just minus a stove, which is fine no big deal. But we now have to viajar (travel) an hour into our area and leave at 8 every night so we can be home by 9, and yes we walk those hours haha it's great. Unfortantely colectivos don't pass by very often. So yeah.. oh my gosh and we found out we have cambios a week earlier. So now we'll be finding out on the 21st and switching the 22nd. Crazy! I don't know what's going to happen, I'm guessing we'll probably stay together. Oh and mom! You know that girl you told me that is coming? Well I don't know her, but I saw her picture about 2 months ago and I was like ahh she is so cute, I want to train her! So yeah that would be so awesome, so if anyone has anyway to contact her, just tell her to be so excited to come to Paraguay because it's the best mission in the world and that we are all praying for her and that any of the trainers would be awesome! But yeah that is so cool, and my zone leader right now, a girl from his ward is coming in like March or something. How fun! This really is just the best mission! I LOVE PARAGUAY! It is so great, ha it is crazy, but that is why you love it. I LOVE sharing the restored gospel of Jesus Christ with the people. Yeah it's sad that a veces they don't want to hear or live it, but when they use their agency to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ it is AMAZING! Miracles happen! I love it! Mom I LOVED your letter! All of it! INSPIRATION! And Angela too!!! Wow what an amazing family I have! And I'll just leave yall with a funny story, ok so we went out to the bajos this past week (this is like the poorest area of Paraguay) anyways we have an investigator out there, but he wasn't there so we shared with the daughter- ha and everytime we go over there the kids like hide from us, so we were excited that the daughter would share with us. Ha anyways so we had just got done introducing ourselves and singing and we explained all about prayer and then I started to say the prayer. So there we are sitting all tranquilo as I am praying and all of a sudden I get drenched with water! One of the little kids had come and ran outside and then sprayed water all over me as I was praying. Ha I just started busting out laughing during the prayer, my comp only got a lil wet because she was behind me lol haha who does that? Welcome to the bajos. Haha and now a story that you should probably not put on the we were at one of our other investigators house and we were sitting there talking and I was going to cross my legs and all of a sudden Matilde just started busting out laughing and said, TIENES SHORTS! (you have shorts on) haha but it was SO FUNNY, the way she said it and the look on her face (apparently she had seen my garments!) but she just couldn't stop laughing, and then her mom who is probably like 60ish was like well that's better because it won't show your underwear line haha. And then Matilde is like but it is SO HOT outside why would you wear shorts, ha I was like oh geez but it was just so funny and then they started calling my comp 'la gorda' (the fatty) ha she was so offended. I was like yeah that's just what they do here. Man it was so funny!. Ahh ok eso no mas. and mom for the christmas list, I don't know!!! That is so far away! I'll give you a couple things that you can get now, but don't send it yet! Ok trail mix, como siempre, those oreos you got me last year! So good! Oh and apparently there are these new pretzel m & m things that are so good! Hna Kimballs daughters brought them and I liked them a lot! And if you could just make me some Cmas cards that I can send out to people that would be AWESOME!!! They don't have to be super fancy or anything like that, just simple and easy to make. Oh and I'm going to need more tampons and contact solution and maybe a pack or two of make up remover wipes. Some lil candy canes, they don't have those here, and just a couple pair of socks, because I'll probably need some to finish the mish. And yeah eso no mas for right now, but i'm trying to think of a couple gifts I could send to my converts (so if you think of anything cute let me know). Ok I love yall! Thanks so much for everything! Have a great week! ANd P.s. Ty is always in my prayers, I promise I'll write you after I get home from the mish, but you know how it is with time here. Love ya!

Oh and also! I got the card from Gpa Dale and Laurie! Thanks so much for remembering me!

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