Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oct. 4, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA BILL!!!!!!! 91!!! Viejito!!! Chulina!!! Gpa I love you! You are the best! And look at you, 91 years old and still going strong! I am so proud and am so excited to see you next summer! I hope you had a great birthday party with all the fam and friends! Love ya! Ok WOW this was one of the best weekends of my life! Thursday we went to the temple and ended up being there for 5 hours! It was SOOO PERFECT! Such a nice opportunity to just be in the House of the Lord and contemplate and commit and just have that spiritual strength to keep going. I loved it! And guess what?! I got to see my first temple wedding! Ha it was soo cute! ANd probably the only time in Spanish that I´ll see one so that was something really special for me and of course I almost cried, the promises and the things that were said were so beautiful. And it´ll be so cute when I finally find that special one and know that I´ll get to be with him and my family FOREVER! And ahhh it was just so cute! and they were so cute and it was just perfect, I´m so greatful that we got to see it. And then of course, CONFERENCE!!! Ha bueno actually the whole conference process was a huge mess! Like all the communication was horrible, so we really never knew what hours they were going to show it here because everyone was telling us different things and the bishop didn´t know and neither did the members and everyone had different hours and we weren´t sure which church we´d be able to watch it in so we could see it in English and all of that. So it was kinda difficult to coordinate with all of our investigators. But my comp made these cute invitations to hand out to everyone and we were just contacting a full and testifying and it was a blast! Turns out, we had to go to the church in Trinidad to watch it which is pretty lejos (far) from our area, but that is where they had it in English but our investigators didn´t want to go clear out to trinidad, so we just organized for them to go to our chapel in Moroni. We passed by for them all Sunday morning to make sure they were going and were excited and it was all great! But we don´t know if they went because they don´t have phone numbers, so we just left them all sheets of paper to take notes! But conference was great and each session I just kept thinking of all of them and thinking how perfect it would be for them to hear it, so I hope and pray they went! Oh man and that´s right... Hna Kimball´s daughters were down here this week. They are so cute! It was a ton of fun (lost some sleep because we were talking to them) but they are way cute and one of them had served in Honduras and she was just telling us all about that and just giving us all this life advice. Ha and then they would stay up playing cards all night long...yeah that´s not trunky at all! Haha I was like ah man this is just like us! But no, I´m good, don´t you fret. Oh and I also sent some stuff home with them (2 hammocks, some old letters and my winter coat) and I am so greatful for that because that would`ve taken up so much weight in my suitcases! So you'll have to send them thank you letters and I´ll send you their addresses. Oh and also today I bought a nativity set and it´s made out of this like famous paraguay wood that has this certain scent (it´s called palo santo) and just a couple other recuerdos. Aver, oh man and also, MILAGRO (MIRACLE!) ¿Sabe qué? Like on wednesday we were going out to work and we were just walking along and we had just randomly gone a different way than we normally go to this one house and like when we were like half way there, I even said that's weird, we never go this way, but we just kept going. And as were walking I look towards the left and I see this like store and above it this huge sign, and then my eye catches a sign right about it...AQUILO, do you know what that means? haha, for rent! which ok whatever, not a big deal, it's probably super expensive because it's right there on the main road (España) and right in front of Pizza Hut and right next to a McDonalds that they are building, but we take the number down and just keep walking. And I call it and she tells me un millon, and the elder only told me we could pay 700, but that was actually the cheapest we've ever found because the other ones are usually like 1,500. So I call the elder and just ask him and he just says oh yeah that's fine. What?! so then we go and check it out and it is so PERFECT! And so to make a long story short, we should be moving in this Wednesday which is so perfect because they are kicking us out of the other apartment at the end of the week! It was such a blessing and so unexpected! So thank yall for your continued prayers! And it is just in the perfect location, a couple blocks from the church and the grocery store! The other hermanas are going to love us! Alrighty I think that is all! I love yall! Have a great week!

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