Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sept. 27, 2010

Oh my land!!! What happened to all the people in St. George?!! Holy Cow!!! Spring started this week in Paraguay, but yall are all in Utah!!! What in the world?! Like everyone is just getting married. Emily, you better just watch yourself lol. Nah, really I’m super excited for everyone on that HUGE long list of people that are going to get married this year! But that is CRAZY! This week was great as usual. We had a mission training and went over all the new things that are going on with the mission and like the 8 ynew lessons and it’s really exciting! My comp is a guapa and she totally has that MTC fire going on, so it’s great! She is just whipping me right into shape, and we are going to tear it up. Ha I feel like I’m in the states because we get rejected all the time here! Nobody lets us in. In Luque it was completely opposite, everyone let us in, you just clap at their door, say permiso and walk in and they love you. Here they have doorbells you have to ring or lil speaker phones in front of their house that they answer. Ha it is so weird. We have fun though. We just play the rejection game. We have gotten some pretty funny rejections. The other day we were passing by this HUGE house, and I was like ahh man, we are so going to contact this house and see what happens. And it had like 4 flights of stairs that went up to the front door, and I was like guaranteed they won’t even come down one flight to talk to us. Ha ok so this lady comes out, probably like 50ish and there we are, 2 cute lil American rubias (blondes) standing at the front of her gate smiling so big, so excited to share about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ (just picture this) so she comes out and says in her most pleasant voice, que dicen? (what do you say) ha and when I say pleasant, I really mean she seemed really annoyed. And so my sweet comp tells her we are representatives of Jesus Christ and that we have a message so special to share with her, ha and she throws her hands up in the air and says , No NO NO!! I am catholic, my family is catholic, my grandparents are catholic, blah blah blah. And so then I jump in and I’m like oh that is so perfect, because we share with everyone and we know that our message can bless your life (now remember she is like 4 flights up so we are like shouting) and she freaks out and just keeps throwing up her hands in the air and waving them no, and we just keep talking and invite her to conference and talk to her about the prophet y el evangelio restaraudo and she just plugs her ears and is telling us she doesn’t want to hear anything we have to say. Ha it was actually pretty funny. So then we leave and are just like laughing and there is this guy parked in a truck on the side of the road, and when we were contacting I had seen him come out and get into his car but I thought he had left, but apparently he had stayed. But he started asking us what the church is all about and that he wanted to learn more too (that he is catholic) but that he wanted to hear more about what we believed. So we gave him a nice lil run down and invited him to conference and he was pretty interested in that and said he wanted to go to a session and we are going to go back and visit him on Wednesday. But at the end, he was like man that lady really didn’t want to hear anything you had to say huh? It was pretty funny. But it was a nice lil milagro (miracle). The Lord really does just put people in your way. Keep praying that we will be able to find people. We found for like 4 hours straight the other day and only got into 1 house. Everyone else rejected us. Yikes! But we are working a full. And this week, I am SO EXCITED!!! On Thursday we go to the temple!!!! POR FIN!!! And then I’ll go once again in April right before conference and then the night before I leave. Oh my goodness that day is coming way to fast. I don’t like it. Do you know what?!!! I hit my year mark last Thursday! Can you believe I have been gone a full year?!! Crazy! Ha I don’t want to hear about any more marriages until I get home, everyone just needs to slow down lol. Ahh and then we have conference!!! I absolutely love conference! And we have just been showing everyone in Paraguay the picture of our prophet, Thomas S Monson and testifying like crazy. It is a blast! I’m hoping that we’ll have some good asistencia for conference. And I’m really hoping we’ll be able to see the Relief Society broadcast, here they have that on Saturday morning. For conference we all just meet at the stake center and usually all the members and latinos are in the sacrament room and all the Americans are in their own lil room watching in English on a lil tv. Haha last year it was a lot of fun! Ahh I’m so excited! And next Monday we move into our new place!! Crazy! Today Sis Kimball’s 3 daughters are coming to stay for about a week and it’ll be a lot of fun to get to know all of them! Alright I better go! Love yall so much! Have a great week!


Hermanita Nelson

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