Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sept. 20, 2010

Ha CHISTE!!! Ok soo we didn't exactly find a house but we found a place we can stay until we can actually find a house! La familia Zafra (I think I've already told yall about them, we ate lunch at their house a couple weeks ago and the food was so good and they are American and he is here working) right...so they just happen to have this lil maids courters atras su casa, in the back of their house they have this lil place where their maid can stay but turns out she doesn't stay there so they have just been using it as a storage place. Well last Monday we went to their house to do our laundry and our internet and then that night Hna Zafra called me and was like, hey I was talking with my wife and we just wanted to offer yall the lil place behind our house if you can't find anything. So I was like sweet! And we were actually thinking about that like the week before but we didn't really want to ask them cause that's kinda awkward, so it was a real blessing that they offered. And then we told Hna Kimball what they said and she said she had been thinking that exact same thing too the week before and she was planning on asking them this week. So it was really just an answer to all of our prayers and all of yalls prayers (thanks so much!) and so this past week Hna Madariaga went over to check it all out to make sure we can live there and we got the check! So later today we are going over to clean it all out and we'll move in in like 2 weeks. We won't have like a kitchen really, but it will be just enough space for our beds and our desks and that is just perfect until we find another place. We're excited because the familia Zafra is AMAZING but we are really sad to leave Hna Kimball. Ok more good news, last Saturday we had Graciela's baptism!!! Ahh she is just the cutest and was so happy to FINALLY be baptized. She has always wanted to but we just wanted to make sure she was ready. Ah it was so cute and 2 of her kids came which was a really big deal because she wasn't expecting it and neither were we and it was great. Those crazy children were there, so that made things a lil stressful but Hna Messina played the piano again and it was FABULOUS. I love music! I'll have to send some pics (oh by the way, did yall send me another memory card in the package or no?) oh that package is just so great! We made the cake the other night and oh my land! It tasted so AMAZING! It tasted so AMERICAN, ha it was weird. Yummy!!! And all those SNACKS! Ahh who knew I would ever be so happy about getting FOOD for my birthday!! Hehe and we decided we are going to try to make the 7 layer dip...which means mom I need you to send me the exact detailed recipe when you get this and then to email me back right away and I'll check later. Ok? Perfect. Aver... Oh and also this past week Hna G and her 2 hijas (she stayed with them both for this change) they came and lived with us last tuesday until this morning because they got their electricity turned off haha because they hadn't paid their bills in like 3 months. Yikes. Ha so that was fun and crazy and I am still so tired, I have so much sleep to catch up on. Oh AND dun nu nu guess what?!! I found another Emilio, Manu, Alcides type guy!!! We are so excited! And just guess what his name is?! Yep, that is right, another Gustavo. Ridiculous! But he is the right one!!! And we just call him Gustavito. He's 19 and we found him as a contact...bueno we were clapping doors. The problem is he is only available on Saturday and Sundays. Lame. He is in the military so he's all into that and his studies and his work and he is just watching the house that we visit him at over the weekends. But he is a stud. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he's been reading and we invited him to be baptized for the 09 of October and he said yes (oh that was last Sunday and we were with Emilio and Manu) and so their all just good friends. And he came with us to church for the first time yesterday and he loved it of course and he asked where Emilio and Manu were and I told him they are from Luque so they go to a different church (and then I talked to Emilio after church and he asked how Gustavo was doing, ha it was funny) but that they are preparing to go on missions and that he can prepare with them. hehe. And then at church he asked me something about baptism but I didn't hear his question so I told him we'd pass by later and talk to him about it. Oh and apparently him and Graciela know eachother because they used to work together and it was funny because we were with her that morning to pick him up and they were like oh hey! So that's good lol. Anyways ok so we went there and he was like uh yeah so do I have to find white clothes to wear to my baptism or what? Ha I was like what a great question! Well for YOUR baptism... Ha I like how he put himself in that situation. So I'm excited to keep working with him. How cool! Another missionary boy. Love it! Ok oh and Alisa and Angela loved yalls blogs, the pictures are so cute! All the kids are so big!!! I can't believe it. Nate and Tyler are lil boys!! And Kylee oh my land! How did that happen!!! She was like a lil baby when I left and now she is just the most adorable lil girl!! Ahh I can't wait to come home and spoil them! Oh and Nick's email was hilarious! I loved it! thanks for sending that! Oh and question...who wants one of those cool leather scripture cases? I'm sure Skyler and Bobby know what they are if you don't know what I'm talking about. You can get like pictures of temples or Christ engraved on them. But if yall want them just tell me what size your scriptures are and what kind of picture you would want. Ok I think that is everything! I love yall so much! Thanks for the emails! Tell grandma I miss her emails, they need to get back already!! Have a great week!

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