Monday, November 1, 2010

Nov. 1, 2010

Ok so this week, was better! Ha remember the story about me falling and my foot hurting? Well turns out I like twisted my ankle-smooth move I know. And so we were home all day Tuesday and Wednesday because I couldn't walk. Ha I looked ridiculous and it HURT so bad!!! I went to district meeting and my zone leaders sent us right back home. And then the family Zafra lent me some crutches to walk around the house- how embarrassing! Ha I looked like a joke. But now I'm fine, it still kinda hurts but it's fine. Oh and I got the package the Wariner's sent and I was so excited! Because they gave it to me at district meeting so it made me so happy despite all the pain I was in! And we've eaten almost all the candy and the pillow case is SO CUTE!! I'm so impressed!! And the St. George shirt is super cool too! And the lotion and stuff I loved! Thanks so much! I also got a lot of letters from my peeps in Luque that day, so it made me happy! Oh and if yall could please tell all the people who are getting married (ridiculous, who gets married? haha jk) to send me announcements! I want to see pics! Ok and that is all the time I have!! Oops! And can someone please tell me where October went? That was SO FAST! We are in November now! I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! People here don't celebrate it- ha they don't know what they are missing out on, but I wore orange and black and ate candy all day, so I was good. And this week we should be having a baptism that we are super excited about (by the way, I always get super nervous to tell yall stuff because it always jinxes things), but hopefully it'll happen, if not this week, next week! Ok I love yall! thanks so much for your emails and support! Make it a great week!


Hermanita Nelson

oh p.s. that one girl came that has family from texas, and hna g is training her in luque! I met her today and she is super cool and I told her that when I go back to Luque she can kill me there (be my last comp) so vamos a ver! love yall!

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