Monday, November 1, 2010

Oct. 18, 2010

Ok so basically this is what I have gathered when Ty was having a hard time, everything was fine here and we were having exito (success) and now that everything is going great with him (which by the way I am SO EXCITED about, that is so AWESOME and I'm always praying for ya bud) everything over here is like falling apart. I hate to say that, but it sure does feel like it! But don't worry we haven't lost any animo, we are just even more determined to go out and find the people that are just waiting for the gospel. We know that they are out there and we know that God will bless us. This week was a lil crazy and we missed almost 2 days of work all because of a stupid accident. Ha it's actually a really funny story. Last Monday for a zone activity we played soccer with the elders and my comp got kicked in the leg, ha apparently the elder was trying to kick the ball and missed and kicked her right in the shin. And that lil tiny bruise that was there the first day just turned HUGE and got worse and worse because she just kept walking on it, so pretty much when hna madariaga found out she dropped me the cane and made us stay home so she could rest it. I tried to tell her she had to rest it lol but she is just a guapa and wanted to keep working, so I tried to call a few people to find out what to do, but then a member made me call hna madariage and yeah. So my poor comp has been so frustrated bc she did not want to stay in the house when she wasn't even sick, but now it should all be better and we'll be fine. So that was kinda sad. And basically this week was just really challenging as well. We had so many rejections and none of the news we found want to progress, so we'll be starting to find more again this week. And all of our investigators that are suppossed to get baptized have been lying to us or just weird things have been happening and they are all falling apart. I'm not trying to make this sound like a really depressing email lol but that is just what has been going on here in Moroni. We had an Hna activity this morning and had an amazing american breakfast! Crepes and like this egg caserole deliciousness! Yeah food makes me happy. And then we had our last zone activity before changes and ate asado. Yummy! This week I've really been greatful for the opportunity to testify, to bear testimony like Ty. One night we found this one family and I was really excited that they let us in because it was like 8:30 and dark! And they had told us that they were catholic, but everyone says that..anyways so apparently his wife and their mother had died not to long ago. And man as we were testifying about the plan of salvation, the Spirit was SO STRONG! I don't know what got into me, but I just started crying and just sharing how beautiful God's plan is for us, His children. We can live with our families forever! Death cannot separate us! We can return to the presence of our Heavenly Father! It is all possible through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. It was just so awesome to be able to share that truth with that family, that they would be able to see their wife and mother again and that they have the opportunity to live with her again as well. I loved bearing testimony and it just skyrocketed my testimony as well as I was sharing with them about these eternal truths. Unfortunately they didn't want to accept it (that just blows my mind) and rejected us, or rejected the message mejor dicho which made us share with them even more powerfully, but at the end they said they didn't want to hear more and didn't want us to come over again. Ahhh so sad. But asi es la mision. We are just waiting to find the people that do receive the message and recognize the Spirit and the truth, and that day will be wonderful! Ok I love yall so much! I am so thankful for your love, support and testimonies. This work is so important! We have something that EVERYONE needs, the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Don't be afraid to share it! have a great week! Love yall!

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