Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nov. 16, 2010

Alrighty so this past week has been ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!!!! And I´m writing today (Tuesday) because yesterday we had this huge conference with Elder Foster from the seventy. Por eso no mas. Ah man, ok where to start?! Let´s just start with Wednesday night at 10:31 p.m. (bed time, right?) The phone rings...what? Presidente Madariaga...WHAT?! uh oh haha. So I answer the phone, and he says hermana I´m sorry for calling so late, but I just needed to tell you something. Ok... You and your companion are having a special change and you will be going to Ypacarai and you need to have all your stuff packed and ready to go on Friday morning........ I´m sorry what? I was like what in the world?! So we spent all the day Thursday going around and saying bye to everyone and showing the Elders our area. Oh and also the familia Zafra took us to lunch to Paulistas!!! I was SO excited! It´s like a Brazilian restaurant that has a ton of meat (like Tucanos) and I´ve wanted to go my whole mission and have never been, and that´s where you go your last night in Paraguay. So that was really nice of them. And we spent the rest of the day packing like crazy! Holy cow I have so much stuff!! Good thing I´m going to leave like everything here! And ok so the crazy part is, is that otra vez we are white washing an area! There were elders there before and they took them both out to put us in. So once again we don´t know anything. Lovely. And it´s crazy because there have NEVER been hermanas here! So we are the first hermanas! And our area is HUGE!!! I guess they had it divided at one time but then put it all together again because they weren´t having success. Every keeps telling us suerte when they hear where we´re at because apparently it is really hard. But whatever. It´s BEAUTIFUL! And I´m so excited. We have a lake in our area and it is so so so pretty! I´m so excited! And it´s just a rama (a branch) we meet for church in an old movie theater, it´s pretty sweet. Apparently the average of church attendance is 40ish but we had 51 on Sunday. And the Pres. told us there is over 1,000 members here. So basically there is 1,000 inactives. Lovely. I guess they all got baptized for almison. So we´ve got a project ahead of us. But it´s all good. Everyone is so nice and it reminds me of Luque! But it´s prettier! And we were given the impression that nobody was really happy that we were coming because they love the elders so much, but let´s be honest they love us. And with time they´ll love us even more :) A lot of people have actually told us they were really excited and that we are like angels, and I guess one of the elders investigators (Juana) had a dream that they were going to come to her house and their first visit together she just cried, but then she just felt like it wasn´t right and that it should be girls. And then we came, and she told us we were the answer to her prayers and a couple other people have said that, so it´s pretty cute. It´s all pretty overwhelming but I actually feel pretty calm. I don´t know how we are going to work this whole area, but it´s ok, we´ll just follow the Lord. And yeah I´ll probably be here til I die. And Pres told us me and my comp would probably be together for a really long time too, so she´ll probably end up killing me. Yikes! Crazy stuff! And the conference we had yesterday was really good too! And we live in a sweet house and we have AC!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO excited about that, because last summer I about died. So who knows what will happen this week. But it´ll be fun! Bueno I love yall and I hope things are better this week! Yall are in my prayers!

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