Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jan. 31, 2011

Ahhh man, Ok I don´t have too much time! But this week was a lot of fun, we actually got lost like 3 different times this week and ended up in the middle of nowhere! We were trying to find some houses and it didn´t quite work out. We about died from heat, but we did end up finding one of the houses that we were looking for (one of the youth that had a letter/invitation to leave on the mission) and it´s been a really long time since he´s been, but we met him and have him some animo, and on Sunday he came!!! We are excited because he wants to find out more and reactivate himself and prepare for the mission. It was really cool. We also had a lot of inactive people come that we found this past week and who we´ve been visiting who haven´t been in months or years, so that was really cool. It´s crazy because the branch really does depend so much on the missionaries. But that´s cool, they are all new and learning, and we are just helping them to progress. It´s a lot of fun, they are all really good people. Investigators, no one came to church. We were really sad, that is our goal this week, to get people to church! It is so important. But we found a couple really new cool people that we are excited to work with. Also, we had another really cool lesson with Maicol. We were reading the Book of Mormon in guarani, portugues, y español. And it was really neat, the Spirit was so strong. I´m starting to get all emotional again haha. I remember at the beginning of my mission I was and then the middle I just kinda numbed out and now it is all coming back. Man, it´s just been manifested to me so many times how important this gospel is and how it can bless these people in their lives and how much they need it! Today we had our district meeting and an Elder shared a really cool analogy. He said alright, let´s say we have $1,000,000... what would you do for that? Just about anything right...claro. Ok let´s say we have $1,000,000,000, what would you do for that? Now let´s say, our Savior Jesus Christ. What would you do for him? Sad how sometimes we just put more value on worldly things. What would we do for our Savior? WHat would we sacrifice for Him? There´s always that one thing... that one thing, that we just hold on to and justify and tell ourselves it´s ok. What if we gave up that one thing, however big or small it is, what if we gave it up, so that we could allow ourselves to become closer to our Savior, and to be a better representative of Him? Man, I love this gospel. I feel that it is such a privilege and blessing that I have to be here serving my Heavenly Father in Paraguay. Life just doesn´t get better. Let us be better, sacrifice something more, so that we can be worthy of the blessings of God. Love yall!!!

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