Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Feb. 21, 2011

FELIZ CUMPLE MI QUERIDA ABUELA!!!! Happy Birthday Grandma Olson!!!! Woot woot! I hope yall had so much fun celebrating! This week was SO MUCH better than last week, ahhhh. We had so many awesome lessons, it was a blast. We are just finding and teaching a ton and we have some cool people we are working with. The sad news of the week is that Hna G is going home this Wednesday :( She just keeps getting worse, she has some kind of bug, so they are sending her home a change early with Hna Tsosie who is also sick. Sad day. I´m really sad about it, but she is such a guapa and such an awesome missionary. Yeah so she called last night to let us know, so I quickly called President to organize a lil hna activity so we could all say bye to them. It was a lot of fun. I don´t have like any time to write though. But I love yall and thanks so much for the emails! And the pictures from Alisa and Angela´s blogs are ADORABLE. Man I have got the cutest sobrinos, I love it. It´ll be so fun to play with them! But I love yall so much, sorry I don´t have any time. Have a great week!!! I promise I´ll write more next week!! But just know I am happy and loving life and the mission and Paraguay. Life is sooo good and the gospel is sooo true!! Life doesn´t get better than that. Be good!


Hermanita Nelson

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  1. Can't believe it is already time for her to come home!!! I am excited for you all to have her home with you again soon! She has been running on all 4 cylinders the whole time - such a great missionary. They will miss her in Paraguay!