Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

**HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Mom I about peed my pants reading that!!! That is HILARIOUS!!!! I´m serious, I just got so many weird looks, oh man I can just picture the whole thing. Hhahahaha pobrecito. hahaha good story mom. Oh man Emily had her shower, that´s cute, ah and Sarah Ott is engaged! Chulina, how´s the guy? Yeah do you know what day I´m doing my homecoming talk? Will it just be that next day? Oh by the way, I got my FLIGHT PLANS!!! Ahh man that is going to be the LONGEST day. I have to take 4 flights and then I have like a 3 hour layover in blasted Salt Lake lol. I fly most of the way with my peeps and I think one is coming with me to Salt Lake and then his parents will pick him up from there, but I´ll be chilling there all by myself, so sad. But yeah that would be so SWEET if they could come down for my homecoming, or if we could go up for Easter, I´m so down. Oh and let Monica and Michael know I got their card! I was so so excited! And I´m not writing a big email bc I don´t have time, but tell Tyler I love him and Happy Birthday! And I liked your quote of the day. It´s so true!!! With all these letters we are handing out to the future missionaries, we decide to start a lil mission prep class for them to study the scriptures and preach my gospel because they don´t have anything like that here. We´re really excited about it. We found a couple other boys that are excited and want to be active again and prepare to go. So cool. Love serving! This past week was actually way way hard and really sad, I´m glad it´s over, and we are starting a new week. We just heard so so many sad stories about peoples lives, last week more than ever and our investigator Juana that we´ve been workign with forever, her husband didn´t give her permission to get baptized, we even had the AP´s come out with us to try and convince him, but no. It was really sad. We are just hoping she´ll still be able to come to church and that one day she will be able to blessed with this baptism. Man you just learn so much in the mission. I almost just super guilty about all the blessings in my life that I have. I have so much and have been SOOOOO blessed and then hearing all those stories this week was just really hard, Peoples lives here are sooo hard, it´s incredible. We have so much. Ahhh. It was just so weird because this week more than any other week in my mission in almost every cita the people just let out their load and we just felt like pshychatrists (haha can´t spell that) but it´s just so crazy bc the answer is always the same. The love of the Savior. The Atonement of the Savior has such a healing power. It´s the gospel! The gospel can change your life and make you happy and help you feel peace and comfort ahhh and everything. We just must live it and trust in the Lord and pray to him and read his words and obey them, etc. Incredible. He loves us so much. Man, I am just so greatful for that knowledge. I love the gospel. And am always always always just so greatful for you and dad, seriously I don´t even know how to say it. Yall have done so much for us. Ha and I was never greatful, I never understood, and wow now I do, and I´ll spend the rest of my life thanking yall and trying to follow yalls examples. Love yall! Have a great week!

**This is her response from me telling her about getting locked out of the house and my adventures trying to get back in the house.

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