Monday, February 28, 2011

Feb. 28, 2011

M´bae cha pa?!!! Bueno, to start off, FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS TY!!!!! 20 Years old!!! Oh man.... what a stud!!! I hope you have fun!! Second, EMILY IS A MARRIED WOMAN!!! Haha that´s crazy. Pero, FELICIDADES!!!! And this week we have changes!!! Mi ultimo cambio!!! I´m hoping I stay here with Hna Tuaóne, but anything could happen!! All I know, is that whoever I am with we are going to TEAR IT UP!!! There is a lot of crazy things happening around here, President just put a ton of new rules (one of them that we can´t have any more hermana activities :( which I´m really sad about because if we don´t have changes I won´t be able to say goodbye to Remache and that would be soooo sad. Ha I already tried to convince him to give us permission to see eachother but apparently he´s really serious about all this and he told me no, so what can you do?) He just wants everyone to be more obedient so we can have more exito. It´s kinda rough but he knows what he´s doing, so you got to just trust in him. We had a really awesome week this week! Oh and by the way, Ty´s experiences were so cool, that´s awesome how the Lord just prepares the way. We have these really cute investigators we have been working with... there is this cute lil family, bueno the dad doesn´t like it and doesn´t want to share with us, but the mom and her 4 lil boys are just the cutest things. We went to pass by for them yesterday for church and when we got there they were all ready to go and excited. And the boys just love us, it is so cute. The oldest is 10 and then 8, 6 and 2. They are adorable. We always do these really cute activities with them and it´s so fun. We drew maps of the plan of salvation with them last time and it was so adorable. And yesterday in church we had the most asistencia that we´ve had so far, which is awesome and we were really excited! All these menos activo families that we´ve been working with for awhile are starting to become activo otra vez. Ahh it is so cool and so rewarding when we see them walk in the church doors! Ha we always get so excited. Poco a poco. And the members love us, it´s so cute. Last night we had our lil meeting with our branch president and then his wife and one of the youth came out to talk to us, and they just randomly started talking about how greatful they are for us. It was really cute. They just love having elderas (hermanas haha) and it´s just cool that they say they have noticed a huge difference ever since we´ve came. I just feel really blessed to have been able to come here to good old Ypacarai. Ha it is so special. But it´s just exciting because I just know it´s going to keep on progressing and pretty soon they´ll have their own church. Man the mission is so rewarding. Ha we also climbed up a water tower this week, I thought I was going to die!!! I almost peed my pants when I was like half way up and I was so scared to keep going up, and I looked at the view and I almost just fell off. Man, Paraguay is beautiful!!! And por suerte I made it to the top and we got some cool pictures. You could see the lake and then just all the green of Paraguay and the sun was starting to set, it was sweet! Ohh that reminds me!!!! We went over to that part of our area because we recieved a couple references from a kid that´s from the states who apparently lived here for like a month like 3 years ago, but we ended up finding all the people up there and they just loved him and remember that he was such a good kid and that he didn´t drink beer or coffee and was just so nice and sweet. But his name is Shawn Reed I think, you could try to find him on facebook or Neil Reed and let them know we´ve contacted the people and that this week they will all have Books of Mormon!!! What a good story. Alrighty I gotta go!!! I love yall! Have a great week!

Hermanita Nelson

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