Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mar. 7, 2011

Alright...so first off CAMBIOS!!!! Ha no cambios, por suerte!!! I´m dying in Ypacarai with la hna Tuaóne!! I´m so excited!! There is SO MUCH work to do here and I love this special lil rama. And I am so grateful to be able to help them out a lil bit. Ohhhh and I got the package from the Wariners!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!! Those oreo covered mint something were SOOOO GOOD! ANd I love chocolate! It was great! And I got letters from the Otts, chulina! And Hna Henderson that she sent in November... and the Batchelor´s! Thanks! Aver, so we found the cutest lil couple this week, Rafael, 62 and Tomasa, 50 and they just love us and love everything we say and are just so eager to learn more. It´s so fun! And we passed for them Sunday morning and unfortunately they couldn´t come to church, but she invited us over for lunch, which was AWESOME, because it was fast Sunday and all we had in the house were eggs (which we´ve been eating for the last 6 weeks), so it was nice for a lil change. And she made us this cute lil meal and it was so good and then we shared with her after. Anyways they are super cute and we´re excited to work with them. Our family didn´t come to church this week :( but they are still so cute and we have hopes for them. ANd basically we are just finding finding finding to find those people that are ready! Ahh and we had our mission prep class yesterday and it went really well. It was so fun! I think I want to be a seminary teacher. And church went really yesterday, a lot of people got up to share their testimonies and it was really cool. The mission is changing like crazy, we got a bunch of new rules again today. Exciting stuff. Too bad I´m leaving, which is why I just need to go work at the MTC! That would be awesome! THanks so much for your letters! I love hearing from yall! Oh p.s. Angela is so cute, all that stuff for Tyler´s bday was awesome. Bien hecho. I love yall! Have a great week! Oh p.s. Hna Case is OFFICIALLY ENGAGED!!! Woot woot! Alright Be good!!! Love yall!

Hermanita Nelson

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