Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 21, 2011

Ahhhhhhhhhhh man this week was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO goooood!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though both my comp and I got sick this week and almost died, pero por suerte it wasn´t dengue! I got some kinda bicho, bug in my stomach, and then a couple days later Tuaone got a cold or something and still getting over it, but we´re better now! Aver, so we had a BAPTISM! Ahh it felt soooo good, it´s been awhile. It was for Wildo, I´ll save the story for later, but it´s a good one! But it all went really well, a couple problems right at the beginning ha but we are in Paraguay so not a big deal. The church is true. We also had the conference with President and that went really well, always really inspiring, man we did so many practices, it was intense. But it was cool bc we did a practice with la hna Madariaga and the Spirit was just so strong and by the end we were all 3 crying, and she was like wow hermanas if you can bring the spirit in that strong during a practica, yall must be doing just fine out in the field. It was cute. And man, yesterday at church it was so random because so many of the inactive people we have been visiting forever just randomly decided to come to church! And I can´t even describe it but when I saw them walk through the doors, my heart just like melted because I was just so happy, and it like moved me to tears. Man, I just love these people and feel so special to be out here serving them. And it´s just soo cool because I know the work we are doing here is blessing this rama so much, which just makes me feel good. We get to be instruments in the Lords hands to help these people out. They are good people, they just need a lil help, and that´s what hermanas are for! Oh haha and we also had a birthday party for the relief society and it turned out to be really cute. There was just a couple of us there but it´s cool that they are celebrating all over the world! ANd let´s talk about how I officially finish my mission this Wednesday, my 18 months will be up! ha but don´t worry, I just take that extra 3 weeks as like a bonus. THere is still so much work to be done here and it is time to go out with a bang! And I know the Lord will bless us for our obedience and animo! No time to waste people, time to get serious. I love Paraguay. I love the mission. I love being a missionary. Life is good :) Oh and by the way, Angela and Alisa have got to be the cutest lil moms, that makes me excited to be a mom.. mas adelante. But all that stuff was so cute and I love seeing pictures of the kids. And mom what are rueben sliders? And I´m going to send a couple pics just incase yall forgot what I look like... ha probably a lil different then the last time yall saw me. Bueno I love yall! Have a great week! Be good!

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