Monday, February 7, 2011

Feb. 7, 2011

Man, I just love Paraguay. Let´s talk about how all I do is eat...bueno right now it is MANGO season and GUAYAVA (look it up...bc I don´t think we have that in the states) and I love it! I love just picking fruit off the tree and just eating it. Ypacarai has a ton of fruit everywhere, so everyday I just pick some fruit off the treat and it´s such a good lil snack! Also, there are icecream stands everywhere! ANd it is so cheap and sooo good because it is soooo hot! So we have icecream just about everyday, also we have that sweet americanish restaurant with the amazing deserts of pecan pie with icecream, that we´ve been getting everyweek, and we just discovered a Burger King and McDonalds in our area (ha our area is HUGE, and we have this one really chu chi spot that all the rich people from Asuncion go during the summer time, because it is right on the lake and they open a summer BK and McD, it is sweet!) So yeah we went there again today, yummy yummy yummy. ANd man the work this week was so good. I´m not even talking good, I am talking sooo good. We pretty much just tore it up. Like I was telling mom, this week in companionship study we studied a full on el espíritu santo, the holy ghost, and every lesson was just so awesome. We really focused on having the spirit being the teacher and man, it just flowed. Ahh and I can´t remember if I told you about Claudelino, he is a joven that we found that got a card (the invitation to go on the mission) and it´s cool, because he really wants to prepare to go and yesterday he came to church again and brought his sister (who is not a member) who just moved in with them. And she is going to get baptized, bueno I can feel it! This week we have zone conference, the last one before I go home (weird) which means I have to give my final testimony, which is so lame because I still have more than 2 months! But it´s cool. Being a missionary is the best, and I just feel like this will be the end to another beginning. I can´t just stop being a missionary. Yeah, maybe I won´t have the plaque but there are so many ways we can be member missionaries to help "bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of men" because that is why we are here. Gotta love it. The mission has just opened my eyes in so many ways y como siempre digo, estoy muy muy muy agradecida por la oportunidad y privilegio que yo tengo para ser misionera y servir a mi Dios. No hay nada mejor en la vida. No hay nada que trae mas felicidad o gozo. Da gusto luego! Ha I love yall! Thanks for all your love and support, it means the world to me! Be good! Ok bueno, we´ll finish with a ´good story´ from this week, ha from today. So we were riding the colectivo home from BK and we got on and it was pretty darn crowded and my comp got a seat in the very front and I got a seat in the very back but we couldn´t really see eachother. And it was raining a full outside so you couldn´t really see anything. So we had talked earlier about how we were going to go and do internet after we ate, so that´s the plan, right? haha so the stop is coming up, so I push my way to the buzzer, and I buz it and the bus stops and I get out with about 4 people behind me and people were coming out the front as well. So I jump off and run under the shelter so I don´t get soaked and wait for my comp...but wait, she doesn´t bajar (get off) and the colectivo drives away. So I like start panicking and I´m like oh shoot maybe she got off a block before, bc I had pushed it a lil late, so I´m looking around and I don´t see her. And so I´m like alright well maybe she got stuck and couldn´t push her way through on time to get off, so the colectivo will probably pull over again in a sec and she´ll get off...uh nope. So here I am, panicking and getting SOAKING WET looking for my other half. Ha you have no idea how weird I felt, ALONE. I was so scared lol, it felt so wrong. So now I am honestly just drenched standing in this huge puddle trying to look down the street, thinking oh man she must have thought we were going to go home first (which is another 8 block walk) and I´m like about ready to pee my pants, because I´m going to have to walk 8 blocks all by myself, when finally I see her walking towards me in the distance (like 4 blocks down) with her lil umbrella, dry as can be haha. Yeah there was definately some miscommunication, she wasn´t really sure if we had decided to go do internet or what, and she had a testigo (jehovah´s witness) sitting right next to her asking all these questions, ha it was a really old lady, and she was going to try and get off earlier but the lady wouldn´t stop talking and then she started panciking bc she couldn´t see me anymore on the colective and the testigo was like what´s the matter? And she´s like I don´t see my comp, and the testigo is like, aren´t yall always supposed to be together? haha oh man, so she hurried up and jumped off the colectivo. Oh man that is a good story. Man, I am going to be so weird after the mish, I´m going to have to have someone at my side siempre! lol Bueno, time´s up! Love yall! Have a great week!

Eldera Hermanita Nelson

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