Monday, January 24, 2011

Jan. 24, 2011

¿Sabe qué? I may or may not have just completed 16 months in the mission and 14 months in Paraguay!!! Man that just flew right by! Oh and cambios!!! Alright, so la Hna Messina went up as sr. comp and went LEJOS!!!! She went out far to Villa Hayes and is with a latina! Ha she´ll do great and I´m gonna miss her, she is a guapa! So that leaves me y la hna Tuaóne! It´s great! We´re having a lot of fun! And we have made our theme for the year 2011 ¨Good Story¨ because life is just such a good story! And as we were talking about it, I was like yeah...that is so true. It is just how you look at things. And it´s just so much funner haha to have a good time and be happy and not worry or complain about the heat or the rain or the broken oven and stove and fridge and water haha, now it´s just a ´good story´. lol it´s great! Life is just full of good stories. And man the mission is just the best. I´m just loving it. And my blasted comp always reminds me how short my time is (not cool, but I totally remember doing that to Hna Case all the time) so we are just so pumped to find way cool people and have really good amazing spirtual lessons and be obedient and have fun and spread the gospel to everyone who will listen! It´s a blast. Oh and I got the card from the Tenneys! Super cute! Thank you! And don´t worry, it is still Christmas here in Ypacarai, we have all our decorations still up and they will stay up til I leave lol, so it´s great! Oh and it is official, I am coming home :( lol the Elder called me to verify my flight and told me I will be arriving home to the St. George Airport on April 15th at 4:30 p.m. algo así. I think that is just about perfect to go and eat some really good food... I´m just saying. Yeah so story time... we have this really cool investigator named Maicol (Michael) and he is from Brazil! Ha he doesn´t speak any spanish. He has been here for like 3 months or something and is living with a family who is also from Brazil and are here working, but they´ve been here for a long time so they speak both languages and Felipe, who is a recent convert. He was baptized in September and is just a stud and is preparing to go on his mission. Bueno, so we´ve had some really amazing lessons with him. It is just soo soo amazing to teach with the Spirit. Ah I love the mission' bueno, so Felipe pretty much translates, Maicol can understand mostly everything we say but just can´t respond very well in Spanish. It´s cool those because portugues is pretty similar and we can understand some of the stuff he says and we can have like normal conversations with him. Bueno, so it was really cool teaching about the Book of Mormon and the plan of Salvation and Felipe would just be teaching and sharing his testimony, yeah anyways it was super cool! And he came to an activity at the church and made some friends so that was way cool. And Juana, we are still working with her...oh that´s another good story. We´ll save that for after the mish but her baptism will be such a miracle and I´m really excited for her! Alright I gotta go, but I love yall. Pray to help us find more cool people! The church is true. God loves us. We have a living prophet. Man life is good. Love yall!
Hermanita Nelson


  1. Glad our Christmas card showed up before Valentine's Day:) And what!? Hermana Nelson already has her flight date home? Yeehaw! :)

  2. she comes, mom!!! :) But she's givin' it all she's got to the last doubt about it.