Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jan. 10, 2011

Hola amiguis!!!! How is everyone?!! Today we had a zone activity and we went and hiked this cool hill ha and man it was sooo HOT!!! Ha and I got SOO sunburnt!!! My legs even got way sunburnt, but we got some cool pictures. And I am soo tired, I feel like my body is just breaking down here people. Ohhh and I got that like package you sent with the OREOS!!! Man those things are SO GOOD!! We opened it and ate them all right there!! Yummy!!! Ha it will be so weird walking into a grocery store on the snack and candy isle, I will be in like Heaven! Oh you know what else I realized this week...I think I will be home for Easter! Unless it´s a different day in the states. I`m kinda sad, because Easter is so much fun in Paraguay because they make a ton of CHIPA!!! LIke you already know the Elders called me today and asked what airport I wanted to fly into...que macanada! I dropped him the cane, and I was like I`m sorry I think you have the wrong hermana or something because I still have 3 months left! Ridiculous! And we have changes next week, o sea like the 18th. I figured I would just die here, which would be sweet, but my lil daughter just might move up with TuaĆ³ne which would kick me right out, but I hope I stay here!! This past week was actually kinda sad because 2 of our investigators that were going to be baptized this week both fell :( One didn`t get permission from her father and the other one didn´t get permission from her husband. Ahhhh. So we talked with their family members and we had really really good lessons and the spirit was so strong but in the end they both said no. :( No da gusto. So that was really hard because they were like the cool people we have, but I know that they will get baptized someday and we were just helping them out on their journey. So this week we have a lot of finding to do! Ha finding is so much fun, you meet the funniest people. Ha the mission is the best. And also this week we focused on handing out the cards to all the potential missionaries.. I don`t know if I ever told yall about that. President gave us this list of 68 young men from the ages of 17-24 of muchachos that could be going on missions. The problem is that only 2 of those 68 are active, so we have this HUGE project to find all of these people and hand them out their letters personally, we can`t just drop it off with family members, so if they aren´t there we have to keep going back until they are there. And bueno, so we´ve been asking the ward members to help us because we don´t know who any of them are, and so now we know about 30...but they don´t know the rest of them. And this week we handed out 10 cards! We were so proud,and we found over 50 new menos activos. Incredible. But it was cool because you can tell that some really do have testimonies and want to go back to church they just need that support. And actually a couple went to church this past Sunday after years of not going. So I figure we´re still saving souls right? So poco a poco we are going to get these cards handed out, and hopefully in the meantime God will bless us with some really cool investigators as well. It´s crazy because most of these people live WAY FAR AWAY!!! Our area is SO HUGE, they could probably put like 4 pairs of missionaries and there would be so much work to do. So traveling to their houses has taken up a lot of time, because if there aren`t colectivos, we walk, ha and it is so hot. My body just sweats it´s amazing. Ha these are the best days of our lives! Ha and we still have no water pressure so we are still showering with buckets, gotta love it. This next week is going to be soo good,I already know! I love spreading the good news of the gospel. I keep just thinking about it and I´m like wow, this is such a blessing! Life really doesn´t get better than this... all I have to worry about is helping people come unto Christ. There is definetely heartbreak, but your love for the people and the gospel just grows and grows. You just feel like your heart is going to explode! Da gusto! I love yall! And I am so thankful for yalls examples and testimonies and support and love and emails and pictures and everything! Yall are the best! Have a great week!


Hermanita (Eldera) NelsON (ha just picture them trying to say nelson with a spanish accent)

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