Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jan. 3, 2011 FELICIDADES!!

2011!!!!!!!! ¿Mbaè? ¿En serio? Man, this is going to be such a good year, I can just feel it!! 2011 just has a ring to it, right? Ha maybe just in Spanish, but I think it sounds pretty good in English too. Yeah, like mom said I am always excited for a new start too! And you know what justamente today I have exactly 100 days left. Crazy! Don`t worry, I`m not counting, it`s just my DyC countdown. But man it was so fun making metas (goals) and weird, it`s like I`m planning 2 different lives here. But man I just love Paraguay, life is so good. Ha and it is SO HOT here, I can`t believe it SNOWED in St. George- that is straight up snow! Those are some sweet pictures! Ha grandma wrote me how on new years eve they had some couples over to play cards and then at the end they all were done by 10:30 and went to bed, and she was like "I guess that`s just what happens when you get old" and then I wrote her back and said, "or if you`re a missionary"- because we had to be home at 7 because it gets a lil bit crazy here in Paraguay on New Years Eve and I was out by 8:30. Ha and I had so many good plans of what I was going to do, and boom I decided to write a lil bit in the journal on my bed, and the next thing I know, I hear the fireworks going off like crazy!!! So we woke up and went out on our balcony and screamed "Feliz Año Nuevo!" and all kinds of good stuff. Ha right around the corner from our house there`s this street and almost everyone is family or they`ve all lived there forever and are just really good friends and they were having a huge block party and were up all night long shooting off those fireworks... there were some pretty ones, but most of them sounded like gun shots- ha they are so loud, I`m serious! And you know how in the states like the adults shoot off the fireworks, here no... the adults are all sitting in their lawn chairs while the kids from 3-14 shoot off the firecrackers. I`m not joking about the 3 year olds. We have an investigator, Jessica, who has a lil boy who is soooo cute! And he is 3, bueno I think he just turned 4 and everytime we go over there he loves to throw the firecrackers at us. You can buy a lil box for a mil, like 25 cents and so that is what the kids do todos los dìas!!! Insane! Ha I love it, because it is sooo Paraguay! Aver...ok yesterday at church, SOO GOOD! We only had 2 investigators, but that is pretty dang good too, and we also had 61 in church! Which is amazing because we usually have like 30-35 ish so it`s pretty much like double! We were so happy! And it was funny because we found 10 random members during the week, like in just random spots and we were contacting and then found out they were members, ha we find so many every week, it`s like a game now. But it`s all good. There`s a lot of work and we are excited to help out this lil branch! It was just a really good week! I just love the mission, I can`t imagine not being a missionary. I`m not going to let them take the plaque off haha. I just keep learning and learning and my love for the gospel keeps growing. It`s great. The mission is the best. Cada dìa I realize a lil bit more, how amazing yall are -mi familia y mis amigos- mi gente luego. Just love yall! I love your letters and love and prayers. It really helps and I need them! Thanks for everything! Have a great week!!!

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