Monday, January 24, 2011

Jan. 17, 2011

Mbaé cha pa?? How´s everyone doing? Paraguay is great!! We should be getting our changes tonight, and I really don´t want to leave this area, pero vamos a ver que pasa. We actually had a special change this past Thursday and they took my daughter away from me! They called on Thursday night and we were like an hour away from our house and they told her she had about an hour to get home and pack her bags for like 5 or 6 days and that the elders would be picking her up. Because Hna G has been super super sick that past week, something really weird happen and they don´t know what she has but they hadn´t been working for like 5 days in their area and Hna G was staying at Pte house, so yeah Hna Messina should be coming back like tomorrow, but I have no idea. We had a pretty good week, found some new inactive families(about 30 new people... I´m not kidding) and handed out some letters for the future missionaries! We also found this really cute family, who are catholic but they are at least open to listening to us and with time they will realize how the gospel can answer all their questions and unite their family! So I´m excited to work with them!! Also, Juana went to church and she basically knows everything is true and I can tell she wants to get baptized and right now her husband is out of town, so she is going to church secretly but doesn´t want to get baptized unless her husband says she can. ANd we had a really good lesson with him when he was here and he said he would come to church, so I´m just praying that he keeps his word. ANd she wants to get baptized in the lake!! And that would be soo cool! ANd our recent convert, Gregorio would do it. Man that just spells out PERFECT!! I´m excited! Ha and I told her yesterday that I was going to be here for her baptism and she just smiled and was like I know you just have so much faith and she always tells me how she can tell I have the gift of discernment. Ha she is a character, ha so is Gregorio. I can´t wait to just sit there and tell yall all about these people. I love them! Man, the mission is soo good!!! Oh my goodness, AND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Emilio called me yesterday and told me he is about ready to turn in his papers!!! How cool is that??? And Manu just barely turned his in! I am so so excited for them. Emilio will complete a year as a member on Jan 30th and his mission papers will be in before that! And I´m just praying that their calls get here in time, and that I´m here still so I can go through the temple with them. Manu said the lady told him it could be like 8 weeks that he could get it, but normally it is about 3 months, and I know 2 guys that just barely got their papers and it took 4 and 5 months!! Man, can you imagine?!! So I am just hoping and praying that it all works out!! But that is just what makes it all worth it! Man, the gospel is so true. I just love it. I love yall so much and am so thankful for your love and support. Have a great week!

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