Monday, February 22, 2010

Are You Ready For This?!!

Hola!!! Wow wow wow, so we had CAMBIOS!!!! Ok bueno, so I’m in the same area!!! And my new comp is Hermana REMACHE!!! Haha yeah she is definitely latina and doesn’t speak english! WATCH OUT! Yikes! She is super guapa though… blows me out of the water! She’s just this cute lil colombiana y tiene 24 años and is just on FIRE. Lol I’ve met her once befote and I told her that we would be comps one day and here it is! I had no idea it would be this soon because she moved up super fast! This is only her 5th cambio in the misión! Which means she only has 2 more than me, but she’s guapa that’s why she moved up so fast. Ha and God know that I needed a latina to help me learn spanish! Lol Hna G also got a latina comp this change..apparently we need some help! This change is going to be CRAZY! Lol I think this change I will learn A LOT!!! Bueno I thought my comp was this lil shy, quiet girl but oh how I was wrong! She is so bold and intense. We worked afool this week! It was cool because like our second or third day together we were having comp study and she was sharing a scripture (bueno before that I was telling her how I was so excited to be her comp because she’s a guapa and I knew I would learn a lot from her this change) and so after she shared the scripture she started crying and was saying that she had always prayed that she would be a good example for her comps and how she just wanted to be the best missionary she knew how to be y eso. And then it was so cute, she was like and I would always tell everyone how I wanted to be your comp because that first time I met you I just thought how fun it would be to be your comp and there was just something about you..chulina ¿verdad? But it’s so crazy because before the cambio I was like Heavenly Father just let me feel peace with my next cambio and know that it’s right y eso and I totally did. I know that I’m supposed to be with her right now. And I’m not gonna lie she’s kinda the type who’s like ‘my way or the highway’ and has dropped the cane on me a couple times so it’s kinda hard sometimes, but I’m humbling myself and trying not to be offended or anything and just learn and grow from this cambio. If I’m lucky I’ll be with her another cambio because I have a lot to learn from her. Pray for me  But ok I have no more time because we had an hermana activity today with all the hermanas! So fun!!! So I gotta see my momma (Hna Case) y Hna G and everyone! And we have zone conference this week! But that’s all the news for now! Thanks for all the emails!!! And really next week I’ll write Emily! But give Tyler big big kisses for me for his birthday! I can’t relieve he is 3!!! I looked at the blog emails…so cute!!! And give Grandma a big hug and kiss too for her bday! And GRACIAS to Hna Andersen for the email! I LOVED IT! What a guapa..and also Nick’s email was HILARIOUS. Love that kid. And also Hna Wariner!!! And tell her since she’s my visiting teacher she’s responsable for sending me letters and packages and everything  And Alena good jobo n your talk! And thanks for sending me Tyler’s prayer it was ADORABLE! Y if you could fix my spelling because the computer keeps changing i tinto weird words! Love yall so much! Have a great week! Love, Hermanita Nelson

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  1. wow Cheryl....your daughter rocks!!! What an amazing adventure she is on!!