Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Guess What?!

Hola!!!! Guess what, guess what, guess what?!!!! EMILIO GOT BAPTIZED!!! Ha I didn't want to tell you anything about it last week because I was afraid it would jinx it again lol! But the 30th de Enero he got baptized and received the Holy Ghost and priesthood yesterday at church! Can you believe it?! Por fin! It's been crazy! He's such a stud. It was funny because for the last couple of weeks he's just seemed like a member to me, because everytime we went to his house he would teach us something from what he had read. He's about half way done with the Book Of Mormon and it's so awesome to look through his book because he marks all the ones he likes and writes comments and questions. The kid is a stud. He wrote us a letter and just thanked us for bringing him the truth and he said he couldn't wait to be a part of ¨this great work of the Lord"and he told us he wants to go on a mission! He'll go. Man, I just can't get over it. It was so cute at his baptism because he was just so smiley the whole time! How awesome that I get to start off my mission with him. Hermana Case said he has been her best investigator by far and that he's been the most converted, but I'm gonna find more! Ah and I just love Paraguayo's. It's so cool because when they're converted they aren't afraid to share their testimony with anyone! In fact they love to share it with everyone and they're always testifying about how the gospel has changed their lives and made them so much happier and how they love the scriptures and the Lord. It's awesome! There's this kid named Manuel in our ward ( I can't remember if I've told you about him) but he's such a stud too. And he'll usually go with us once a week and help us out and everytime it just makes me want to be better and to be bold and to share with everyone the excitement of the gospel. But after the FHE last week Manu and Emilio were talking and I went up and told them to teach me. And the day before Emilio had his interview to be baptized and before that he shared a scripture with us. THe scripture is 2 Nephi 29:6-7 and he just shared how the scripture was kinda the trigger for his conversion. ANd how he had found it after having his doubts about Joseph Smith and everything, and that when he read that scripture it changed things for him and HE KNEW. Anyways, Manu said he would share a scripture (and I thought he was going to do one from 3 Nephi because he was telling me earlier that he was reading that) but no, instead he picked that SAME scripture Emilio had shared with us the day before and Emilio and I looked at each other and we were like no way! Ha it was awesome. But anyways, he read it and then told us why he liked it and then Emilio was like, can I share why I like it. So then he shared again why he liked it and then they asked me why I liked it. I don't know, it was just so cool sitting there talking about the scriptures and feeling the Spirit. I love the scriptures! I love that people can read the same scripture and like it for so many different reasons. It's so awesome! And then I had a vision! haha well...I just pictured myself teaching at the Provo MTC and then being there when Manu and Emilio came in to go on their missions! Ha can you imagine? THat would be so awesome! And Manu was only baptized like 8 months ago and they're both such studs. Oh how I love the gospel! Emilio's baptism was really good though. Nobody from his family came, which is something that I think is really hard for him because he knows how important the family is to the gospel. But his ward family was there. That's something that is so cool too. That the members here are so welcoming and they just love him. Love it. And after his baptism we had cake and things got a lil out of hand and somebody started a cake fight...I don't know who it was... but it was hilarious. Oh the mission! I love it. ha and have I told you that Paraguayoƛ are the biggest liars. It's actually really funny and they hide from you which is even funnier. That cute lady I told you about last week who was sitting out reading the pamphlet we gave her, HID from us this week. As in we see her sitting outside on her chair and we're walking towards her and we straight up see her get out of her chair and run to her door and go inside and lock it! Hilarious. Life can't get any better than this. And yesterday after we ate lunch (I don't know if I've ever told you that we live with 2 other hna's but we do and they're latin and they think they are so funny and call me witch all the time..shouldn't have taught them that word lol and I love them to death..anyways) so we were about ready to leave but I still had to go to the bathroom really bad but Hna Garcia had gotten up to go, so I'm thinking in my head, I have to beat her to the bathroom. SO I stand up and start running to the bathroom door and right when I got right in front of it, I BIFFED it SO HARD and fell right on my butt and knocked my knee and hip into the edge of the door on the way down. How embarrassing. ha I could barely walk after that but we all had the giggles so bad! Love it. Ah I'm pretty sure my time is up BUT I'm going to try and send some pictures!!! BE EXCITED! And thank you for everyone's emails this week...much better! And I don't have time to email back today, but I already have it all written down so I'll just do it quickly next week. Oh but tell Sis. Wariner and Chel that I did get their letters they sent in the mail the week before last (sorry I thought I already said that) and I wrote them back last Monday (letters) but I don't have any money to send them out yet. I'm broke! And also thanks Becky Goodwin because I just got her letter last week too and I love them! Keep them coming everyone! And Gpa Olson is in my prayers, poor guy! And oh my goodness!!! Nick had his farewell!!! I can't believe it. TIme flies by! What a stud. He's gonna be awesome! And I have a present for him so I'll need his MTC address so I can send it. Tell him to be excited. Love all yall and if anyone was planning on sending me a package or anything here are just a few things you could include if you wanted :) PICTURES...I am seriously lacking pictures from yall, ped socks (black), deodorant (dove), mascara and eyeliner, FOOD (cheeze itz, trail mix, kit kats, fruit snacks, koo laid...really anything AMERICAN)! ha love yall! love the gospel, love the mish. Pray for me! Make it an AWESOME week! Love, Hermanita Nelson

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