Friday, September 25, 2009

The Last Supper

Before taking Amanda to the Provo MTC our family wanted to meet up for her "last supper". One of our family favorite hangouts is Chiles and so we met up at the Chiles in Orem, UT. Alisa and Nate came from St. George; Angela and Bobby, Tyler and Kylee from Logan and Ty from Ephraim. We all converged at Chile's around 11:45 on September 20. Amanda's check in time for the MTC was 1:15. It was fun just hanging out and goofing around with each other one last time. We tried (or at least I tried) not to think about the separation ahead and focused on just what an amazing family we have and how much fun we have together. Chile's must be a popular before MTC tradition because we saw several other families there enjoying their "last supper", too.

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