Sunday, September 27, 2009

First Letter Home

We received a letter from Amanda here it is:

Dear Parentals!
Ah yesterday was the HARDEST day of my life! After y'all left I couldn't hold it together. I cried all day and I miss yall so much! I just don't feel up to the task, but I know why I'm here and I know I'm supposed to be here, so I'll be fine. I know this is going to be one of the hardest things in my life but also so rewarding. Please pary for me. Mom, the card you gave me was so perfect! But really don't worry about me, its great. They keep us so busy. But I know I can do hard things and I just have to keep telling myself that (smiley face). Right now I just need to be 100% dependant upon God and have total faith in Him. I love this work and the gospel. I've finally begun to LOVE learning! Its awesome! I wish I could call home for advice, but emails will have to work. Oh write me @ Dear Elder, my box # is 257 (put that on facebook...another smiley face) LOVE YALL SO MUCH & MISS YOU TO DEATH!
(heart) Hermana Nelson

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