Friday, September 25, 2009

At the MTC

Hermana Nelson's scheduled arrival time for the MTC was September 20, 1:15 pm. In true Nelson fashion we were cutting it close. Parking at the MTC on a Wednesday is at a premium. Bobby took Tyler and Kylee and Nate with him to a friends house and the rest of us drove to the MTC. Only one car can go through the official drive-thru so Ty and Alisa scrambled to find parking places around the MTC area and met us in the MTC parking lot. We still hadn't taken Hermana Nelson's photo for her missionary plaque so we quickly did that and then all stuffed ourselves into our car. It was a tight squeeze considering Hermana Nelson's luggage took up half the car. We only had about three minutes while the Elders took the luggage out of our car to snap a couple of photos and have some hugs good-bye. Maybe it is better that way. We love our sweet Hermana Nelson and can't wait to post her own words about this wonderful mission she is serving for our Savior.

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