Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May17, 2010

*Sorry this got behind all...sometimes I think I've posted when I haven't...yikes the old brain is going!

What's up?!!! Ok so are yall so excited to hear about what happened at changes?!! Ha well guess what?! There is not much to tell because we did not have changes, I'm still with my comp in the same area...which means this is my 3rd change with her (4 ½ months) and my 5th change in this area (7 ½ months). CRAZY ¿verdad? Wow oh AND Hna G (my comp from the MTC that I LOVE moved into our house and is now senior comp with Hna Garcia) What a guapa! She's so awesome and her Spanish is incredible. And I am so so thankful that we get to live together...maybe one day we'll be comps again! So I was also able to go to Hna Case's despedida (farewell) because it was in our area, so I met her parents and everything. So fun! Ah they just reminded me of our family! Ha a lil trunky...yall will have to meet them too! Oh man and last week I forgot to tell you, I almost died. Like literally. We were in Asuncion for a zone activity and most of the streets are just like one way..and we were going to cross the street and we were like joggin across and then all of a sudden I hear my comp gasp and I'm like what in the world, so I turn to face her and she is to my left and I see this car coming straight towards me and I like jerked to a stop and the car passed right in front of me (like half of a foot). It like scared me sooo bad! And then there were these elders that saw it happen and they were like I don't know how you're alive. Real nice, right? That's called being a missionary..ha we have angels guarding us. Ha I thought yall might appreciate that story. Oh and I almost forgot!! I got mom's package! Woot woot I was so excited because it has been cold and rainy all day yesterday and today! Which means I should be getting grandmas in the next couple weeks! Perfect! Oh another story... the other day we were walking in the routa (the road where the collectivo passes) and there was this huge puddle in part of the road so I was like ok we need to hurry and pass before we get splashed! And so I start going and I'm like almost to the other side when this collectivo comes out of nowhere and goes right through the puddle and I get completely drenched!! Gotta love it. Ok and what in the world is happening with Ty?! I thought that he should be leaving pretty soon...so he could possibly leave today but nobody knows. Ha that's awesome. Good email though. Man he is going to tear it up in the field! I can't wait to hear about all his cool experiences! And I'm so jealous that Elder Holland came to the MTC. How awesome. But man Ty is just on fire! What a testimony. Love it. Ok and that's so so tyte that there was an OWL in our backyard. That's so crazy. Who would've thought? Ha and mom I'm completely confident that the Egypt project will be the best one out of everyones! I'm excited to hear how it goes. I hope everyone had a great week! Love yall! Write me :) And as always thank you grandma for your love and emails. Their perfect!
Hermanita Nelson

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