Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 10, 2010

***It was so amazing being able to talk to Amanda on Mother's Day!! She sounds just like Amanda with a few Spanish words thrown in. I think she's at the point where she doesn't speak English, Spanish or Guarani...just a mix of all of them...haha!
It was so wonderful to still get a letter the next day. Here it is:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALENA!!!!! 15 years old!!! Watch out! Woot woot I hope you have such a fun day! Live it up chica! Ahhhh and it was so so good to hear yall's voices yesterday! Chulina! Seriously, it was fun because it just felt normal. Yall are all just fabulous! And I hope everyone had an amazing mothers day!! So like I already told yall my comp has been sick for this whole past week, que triste, and we find out changes tomorrow! Oh la misiĆ³n! Ahh and I have to tell yall something so cute, that's happened twice! Ok so one day about two weeks ago I was with my comp and we decided to contact this one house and so we entered in and were walking to the front of the house and there were these 2 lil boys playing soccer (one was like 10 and the other one like 4) and we walked up to them and started talking to them and then all of a sudden the younger one looked at me and stopped playing with his brother and just came running at me and just gave me the BIGGEST HUG and just held onto me for like 10 sec and then walked away like nothing had even happened. And my comp was like, and me? But he just walked off. Ha it was the cutest thing! It totally made my day because it was just so random and out of nowhere and you know how I love little kids!!! Especially lil latinos. And then this past week I was with Hna Case on our division and we were walking down the street in her area and these 2 lil girls were walking towards us probably like 10 and 4 tambien and they were like hola hermanas and we had no idea who they were (which is pretty normal because most of the kids know who we are) and then the lil girl came right up to me and did the same thing. Hugged me and just held onto me and then just walked away. I know it doesn't sound like a big deal, but to me they were lil gifts from God. Tender mercies, ¿verdad? Ahh and then Emilio recieving his llamamiento (calling) to be the 2nd counselor in the YM presidency. And we were able to be there to sustain him. Just so cool. Love the mish. And mom in your email you talked a lil bit about the light of Christ. And yesterday in church somebody gave a talk on that. And I told Emilio and Alcides that they had the light of Christ now and you could just see it because they're always just so happy and excited about the gospel. And Emilio told me that that was one of the first things he recognized about us. He said I could just tell there was something different about yall and I liked being around yall because I always felt so good and felt closer to God and could just see something different in your countenance. And the other day we were at his house and I was talking and said something like, "ya know life is always going to be hard, but it's just so much easier with the gospel!" And then he just bore testimony of that, and said how at first he wasn't really sure about all of it and he had a lot of doubts, etc. but now with the gospel he can see the difference and he recognizes how simple everything really is. That's also one thing I have noticed. The gospel is so simple. The doctrine is laid out, so simple that a child can understand. But for some reason a veces (sometimes) we like to make things difficult and complicate things. And bueno, how many times does it say in the Book of Mormon that if you keep the commandments, you will prosper in the land, you will receive eternal life. That's it! Why do we make things so complicated? Ha I do it too. But man, I have come to love the simplicity of the gospel. It's in the little things (reading our scriptures, attending our church meetings, praying) if we do those things we'll stay strong, we'll have our rock built upon the foundation of Jesus Christ and when the hard times comes, we'll stand strong. Ha the gospel is perfect! Love it! Love yall! I hope you have a great week! Pray for me! Be excited to hear what happens in changes! Yikes! So nervous!


Hermanita Nelson


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  2. Oops, I deleted my thought:
    I love that the children ran to hug her. I can see why they would. She radiates the light of Christ!