Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Hello hello!!! Ok so I don't have very much time because I just spent all my time looking at pictures and blogs and I LOVED IT!!! Chulina! Ah I just love the pictures! And Alisa your hair looks amazing and Angela your hair looked so cute curled!!! And Alena you're just a lil hottie and I loved all the pictures with Ty at the MTC. So fun!!! Bueno, so it sounds like everyone had a really fun week! I loved getting all your emails; it always makes me so so happy! And it sounds like yall had fun with gma and gpa and Eric and his fam! Oh Mexican Train..love it! And gma asked me a fabulous question :) She said and what are you craving now?! And bueno it actually started getting pretty cold in the mornings and in the nights at the beginning of last week and we don't have a heater or anything ha or hot water...yeah taking showers in cold water when you're already freezing is awesome..lol camping?! Honestly I love this mission. And so I started craving hot chocolate!!! Like straight up hot chocolate with the mini marshmallows! And those oatmeal packets...brown sugar and cinnamon roll!!! That is what I am craving...and yes kit kats and trail mix is good at any time during the year! So I'm just throwing that out there if anyone is feeling a lil extra love for me this week. Ok and in Emily's letter she told me that Hilary got called to the Portland, Oregon mission and Mandy to the Rochester, NY at the Hill Cumorah VC and I don't know what it is but everytime I read about somebody going on their mission or getting thier calls the Spirit seriously just whooshes over me! Like really, I read that part like 3 times and every time the Spirit was just SO STRONG! Ah I just know that the Lord knows what He's doing. The church is so true and missions are the best! Seriously, I've never felt so complete and happy in all of my life! Bueno and this week I found a new favorite scripture that I absolutely fell in love with. It was perfect for me! I think it's in Doctrine and Covenants 64:33 but I'm not really sure, but it says something like... “don't be weary in well doing, because you are laying the foundation of a great work and small things bring to pass great works” o algo asi. But it was perfect because there have been nights that I just came home feeling weary and un poco stressed out because I felt like we have been working so hard and doing all the little things and we aren't seeing any immediate success. And I read that scriptures and just felt a relief wash over me, and I knew that Heavenly Father was proud of me, proud of our companionship and our efforts and that all the effort we have put into every day really is making a difference, because we really are laying the foundation of a great work. Ah and I just felt so at peace and I realized bueno, I just might be a planter (planting the seeds for others to come along and harvest) but I feel ok with that. Yes, I would love to see immediate success, but truly I know that the Lord's hand in is in the work and that the great things that are promised to those who give their hearts and a willing mind (vs. 34) will be brought to pass according to the Lord's will and time. I know that doing the small things makes a difference. I'm excited to continue working hard and giving my heart and mind to laying the foundation for this great work! I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to share the gospel with these people in Paraguay; ah I just love being a missionary :) And that's so cool that Alena is going to be getting her patriarchal blessing! So so awesome...and Alena you are a lil jerk!!! I totally believed you that Alisa was pregnant and I was so excited and telling everyone around me that my sister was pregnant! Ha and the whole time I was thinking, man that's so weird because mom didn't say anything about that and neither did dad or Alisa. Haha rude! But that's a good idea. So Angela or Alisa better start working on that because I want another neice or nephew about the time I get home! Oh and Nate's bday party looked like it was a lot of fun! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NATOR GATOR! What a lil cutie. Oh and Hna Case says she's gonna come visit yall so be looking forward for that. And mom I want to see pictures of the finished scrapbook-craft room...that's gonna be cute, I'm excited. And congrats to Aubrey, Stefanie, steve, and Bro and Sis Graff...that's all really exciting! And yeah I still want a detailed letter from Skylar! And Alena that's tyte that you found the camera charger! Ahh and thanks for the pictures Chels...CHULINA!!! You looked so hot and I love your dress!!! And I got the dearelder from Keri and she's getting married this month! Ahh and so is Nikki! So crazy. And I got a letter from Flora :) She's doing really good and will be coming home pretty soon. And mom I want the forwards from Ty's blog tambien :) And pobrecita Kylee...she will be in my prayers! Ahh I love yall all so much and I love hearing from yall. Paraguay is awesome as always. The time just keeps flying by! Ha I just need to learn Spanish already! We have zone conference tomorrow so I'm really excited about that and today we went to the lake at Arregua again, so pretty and I'll have to send some pictures one of these days! The mission is the best thing that ever happened to me, I can't believe all the different emotions I have! I know without a doubt that this gospel is so true. And I'm really coming to understand the importance of doing the lil things and enduring to the end. It is so essential. Life is just so much better when you're living the gospel. Love it. Love yall! Have a great week!!


Hermanita Nelson

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