Monday, March 15, 2010

hola, hola, hola!

Hola hola hola!!! Ok first of all, I have really BAD NEWS!!!So I had about a good 400 pictures from my mission so far, and ALL of them got DELETED!!! so so so so so sad!!! I don't know what I did, but they were there and the next thing I knew, they were all gone!! Yeah super triste. The good news is that I got the package from the Wariners-por fin!!! But I actually haven't gotten it yet, but they called me and told me it's here! And I haven't gotten the one from yall either..ha I'm waiting very paciently! I should get them on Thursday! And no, I haven't gotten the one from grandma yet- yeah the mail is really slow. And tomorrow we're going to the temple! I'm so excited! It'll be AMAZING! Oh man and Ty had his farewell yesterday! Sounds like he did an amazing job! I knew he would..what a stud!And thanks for the pictures! I'm excited to get the ones on Sis Andersen's camera! And that's fun that all the peeps were there for the weekend! And Alisa..your hair is so cute! And tell Emily and her mom, I'll write them back next week! Ha funny story...this is totally Paraguay for first of all busy roads are shared by cars, collectivos, moto's, horse and buggys, 4 wheelers...and apparently by cows too! lol it was so funny the other day we were waiting for a collectivo and all of a sudden we see this poor lost cow roaming down the street holding up all kinds of traffic. Ha I'm sure it was just terrified for it's life because everyone was honking and starting at it, but man it was so funny! Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me. Also we had entrevistas (interviews) this week with Pres Wade and Elder Curtis was with him and he came into my distict meeting and it was so funny, just remembering the good old days in sunday school in the church building and then being here in Paraguay in the chapel talking about the gospel. haha it's cool. Oh man and who knew that Jehovah's witnesses were all over the world? ha well they are all over our area! They are crazy lol, we were teaching a family the other day and they are testigos and their beliefs are so different! It's kinda sad, it makes me so greatful to have the gospel in my life and to have a testimony and know with a surety that the gospel of Jesus Christ of LDS is true! Ahd we've also had some Marzo Milagros..baptisms no, but we've found some really cool people! We found a cute lil family that came to church with us yesterday and also this other guy named Alcides, who also came to church and he accepted a baptismal date yesterday when we saw him. I'm really excited for all of them and am excited to see them progress! And ahhh Gustavo, I hope yall are praying for him! He came to church yesterday too, and we are praying for a miracle and for him to be baptized this month! He has all the lessons and everything, and the kid loves the Book of Mormon but he's scared of making the commitment to be baptized. Ah but I have faith! He'll get it! And ah we have cambios in 2 the time just flies by!!! But my times up! I love yall! And I can't wait to get Ty's email from the MTC!!! Don't cry too much on the way home! ANd take pictures before yall cry so you can send them to me! I hope our service will bless the family! I love yall so much! Have an amazing week! Love, Hermanita Nelson

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