Monday, March 29, 2010

Email from March 22

Hello hello hello!!!Ok really this week I have NO TIME to write!!! We went to the lake today for a zone activity and it was SO MUCH FUN!!! I'll have to send a couple pictures next week. Ok and yeah we went to the temple this past week!!!! Ahhh it was actually a really amazing, spiritual experience! I love the temple. And the feeling that I had the whole time inside the walls of the temple was that I felt at home. I felt right at home. It doesn't matter that I am in a completely different country and everything was in a completely different language, the temple is the same everywhere. Beautiful, amazing, clean, the house of the Lord. And what a TENDER MERCY it was to be in the celestial room and to first, meet a sweet old lady, who just so happened to be the FIRST sister missionary in Paraguay (about 50 years ago) who just so happened to be visiting with a group of people who were only going to be in Paraguay for that day and then leave...and just so happened to be in the same exact session as us. Tender mercy? And despues I just so happened to meet another lady, whose husband had also served in Paraguay, and she just so happened to live in St. George!!! Wow!! Tender mercies! And like Sister Curtis said, "Coincidences are God's way of staying anonymous" (P.S. thank you so much for that!!! I'll write to you when I have more time!). Wow the blessings are incredible!!! Bueno and my packages!!! Ahhhh yall are so AMAZING! I'm not even kidding! Those were the best in the world!! I'll write more about that later too, but let's just say about half the chocolate is gone and the trail mix! And I loved the IN-N-OUT tshirt and Emily thanks for the letter! Loved it loved it loved it! Yall are FABULOUS! Ahh and Ty's in the MTC!!! How awesome that yall saw Steve Anderson and that Johnny Esplin is his zone leader! Haa that's so cool. Yeah, I know him, he was in my temple prep class in the singles ward! He's a stud. Wow the tender mercies of the Lord. I can't wait to get Ty's first letter! Ok I got to go...but I need a favor!!! Please please please keep Gustavo Sanabria CaƱete in your prayers! He was supposed to get baptized on Friday and we had seen him earlier that day and it was all good and we were just about to leave for the baptism later that night and he called and said he couldn't do it. Honestly, for the first time I experienced the heart ache of a missionary!!! We've been teaching him for 3 months and he knows it's true!!! But his friends and pastor from his other iglesia are confusing him really bad. We're praying for a miracle. He needs strength! I don't know what to do except to pray for him. I know he is so special to the Lord. My comp and I were really just heart broken and cried and cried. And Hna Case had come to the baptism to surprise him and a bunch of people from the ward had come AND Emilio (my converso) was going to baptize him!!! Needless to say, it didn't happen. He is just so so close.I feel like he is one of the people that I was supposed to I know that he is one of the people I was supposed to find and bring the gospel too. And I just feel like if he doesn't get baptized I will have failed. He knows it's true and he know's that baptism is so important but yet he is yeilding to the enticings of men! Ahhh mi corazon! But we haven't talked to him about everything yet...hopefully we will be able to tomorrow. But honestly he needs your prayers. And pray for us so that we might be guided by the Spirit to say the right things that he needs to hear. I love yall so much and thanks so much for all the emails! Hopefully there will be more time next week! Ahh and can you believe we have cambios again next week?!!! And oh my goodness, TOMORROW IS MY 6 MONTH MARK!!! Can somebody please slow down the time?!! Yikes que rapido!!! Have a great week! Love,Hermanita Nelson

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