Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 4, 2011 **10 Days Everyone!!!** 2cd to last post

WOW, Ok I don´t even know where to start!! Conference was AMAZING, I loved all of it (bueno, all of it that I saw...) but I think Sunday afternoon was my favorite session, and like everyone else said, I too want to just be a better, kinder person! So this week was crazy! Probably one of the hardest weeks of the mish... we got rejected so many times this week! it was incredible, I´m talking worse than Asuncion rejected. Looks like someone is trying to get me discouraged and desanimada (I´m sorry, I can´t translate that..I just spent like 5 min trying to think of the word in english). But that is NOT going to happen. And everyone keeps saying this week will be even harder, igual no mas. I´m so excited for this week! MY LAST FULL WEEK in the mission field, entonces OBVIOUSLY (like Nick obviously lol) it is going to be AMAZING. Time to step it up, go BIG or go home!! Ha and home is going to have to wait a week and a half. So I´m just going to work my hardest, with the goal of going home TIRED...they might just have to send me home on a stretcher, perfect. Man, didn´t conference just get everyone excited to live and to be happy and to serve? Oh so the story... bueno, on the saturday session, our adorable lil investigator Gisel, surprised us and came! Which we were really excited about. The full story will just have to wait, but basically during the second session we were pulled out after about 15 min (right after they announced my old mission president, Terry L. Wade, to be a general authority!!!! Called that one, he is so amazing!) and one of the member told us that Gisel had left somewhere because she wasn´t feeling good. So we start searching EVERYWHERE for her, and then finally found her- and bueno she has some kind of sickness but I´m not sure what it is, but she has like those attacks like she can´t breathe (like an asthma attack maybe, but they said it´s not that) and it´s been happening like twice a week lately. So justamente she had one right after we found her. And we were like freaking out because we didn´t have any idea what to do and we´re just praying like crazy...bueno yall will get the full story later, but basically we missed that whole session of conference because we ran to the emergency room and were there the whole time. Por suerte, she is fine but we were so scared. I know that God answers prayers. Ahhh so that along with other things, like them not having the session in english and the power going out, made it so we didn´t see all of conference. But it´s all good, and what I heard just changed my life lol. The church is so true and so legit. I love being a missionary and a member of this true church. Life doesn´t get any better. Thanks for all yalls support and love, it has made this experience all the more sweeter!! FELIZ CUMPLEANOS Nate this week! Chulina! Love yall! Have a great week!!!

Hermanita Nelson

**Amanda's homecoming will be on April 17th at 1:00 pm
She will be arriving home on April 15th!!!

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