Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 26, 2010

The gospel is just EVERYTHING. its so true. and it brings such HAPPINESS when we live it. i was listening to a talk the other day and it was talking about the plan of salvation and talking about his favorite phrase to describe the plan of salvation is the plan of HAPPINESS and how it is the only way we can have TRUE happiness. When we dont know of the plan of salvation we cant have the complete happiness.its so true. and tambien he compared it to a 3 act play. How bueno, the first act we are in the preternal life with God and our families and everyone but then the CURTAIN HAS BEEN DRAWN and we forget everything. It was a brilliant act but then all of a sudden we have been thrust into act 2! And act 2 is a lil more difficult, it can be described with the 4 Ts. Tests, Trials, Temptations, and Tragedy and not once in act 2 will we hear the HAPPILY EVER AFTER...thats always saved for the last act. Entonces how are we going to make it throught act 2 when it is full of HARD things? How are we ever going to find happiness, comfort, and joy that is LASTING? Thats when the plan of salvation comes into play. It takes the blinders off...it allows us to see the eternal perspective. It allows us to see the whole plan. We cant have true happiness without the plan of happiness. But when we know of Gods plan during this life we understand that God is in control.That the Happily Ever After is just right around the corner and if we just cumplir con los mandamientios de Dios and do the little things...things that we have been told to do our WHOLE lives (that now on the mission I have FINALLY understood why its so important to repeat things things and to drill them in our heads...because they WORK) read your scriptures...STUDY your scriptures, say your prayers DAILY...rely on the Lord, depend on Him, trust in Him, go to CHURCH ...for all 3 meetings...PARTICIPATE, listen to the prophet...FOLLOW the prophet...OBEY the prophet. The happily ever after is possible! I know it is. I feel it so strongly in my heart right now. We just have to keep pushing along. poco a poco. The light will come. One of the most special and sacred things I have learned on my mission..not just like learned but really learned and now I understand is the importance of the gospel...of living the gospel. Its not just another religion or a nice way to live, but it is the REASON WE LIVE. It is the point of this life. It is the only way that we can make it back to our Heavenly Father. Its hard ha I know that too, but man it is going to be so worth it! And thats why we have eachother too. We are just one huge big family and if we know the truth we have to spread it! We gotta share it! We have to help everyone get back! Bueno, I love yall so much and I am so thankful for your prayers and love...seriously its the best thing yall can do. And the best thing I can do for yall. Yall are always in my prayers and my thoughts. Thanks for being such a great support. Make it a great week. Find someone and share the gospel and then tell me how it went!


Hermanita Nelson

P.S. So I have had a special change...I think it is just for a couple days or ha I hope and pray it is just for a couple days because I want to go back and finish my change in my area! but turns out one of the hermanas is sick and she has stayed in our house for the last 3 days and we have each rotated and stayed home in the house with her. Rem friday, yo sat, and G sunday. but she is still sick and her comp..hna welch goes home from the mission this next week and obviously she wants to work so she had been with a member working for the past 3 days and now i am going to go work with her until the sick hna gets better. ha she better get better fast lol...pray for her. ha i have so many good stories that i have to tell you about awesome hna drama...but we will save all that for after the mish!

ahhh i almost forgot to tell yall!!!! Ruth, Jessica, Leticia, and Emilio all went to the temple on Saturday!!!! Ahhh I was so excited for them and they all had such great experiences! The temple is the best! haha oh and dad I just have to tell you... yesterday we were at a members house and they were watching church movies from like the old testament and it reminded me how you would ALWAYS bring home videos from the library and want to watch them with us and ha how I never had the deseos to before, but man I am so greatful for you! For your love, your testimony, your worthiness to hold the priesthood and your support. Incredible. I will definitely watch good ole church movies with you after the mish.

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  1. Love the analogy and her passion for lifiting people up!