Monday, July 12, 2010

July 12, 2010

Hello!!!!!!!! Ok i don’t have any time!!! But first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY!!!! And that’s about all the time i have! Sorry! This week was a great week! We had our zone conference and it went really well! Our new president is really good! But we found out we’ll Only be having conferences and interviews every 3 months which is kinda sad because before it was every month and a half. We also had a really good conversation with a CRAZY LADY! Haha it was so funny. She was telling us all about these diablitos (lil devils) that are everywhere. She explained exactly what they Looked like and everything. And then she told us she’s been to heaven like 3 times and also to hell just to see what it Looked like. I wish i had more time to give you more details, but times up! The kids are still as cute as ever! Pray for their mom so that we can teach her and she can also accept the wonderful message of the gospel! Love yall all so much! Thanks so much for the letters! Have a great week!!!

Hermanita Nelson

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