Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 28, 2010

Hello hello hello!!! Ok first off CAMBIOS (CHANGES). You will NOT even believe what happened!!! So turns out I’m going to complete exactly half of my misión in Luque! This will be my 6th change!! And I am staying with Hna Remache (for our 4th change together- 6 months) and we have another addition to our companionship. We are in a trio with Hna G (Galbraith-my comp from the MTC) INSANE!!! Ha not what I was expecting! I was actually really really sad because I thought for sure I was leaving, and for the Noche de Hogar (family home evening) I just started crying because I didn’t feel like it was time yet. I just kept thinking, no I just need one more change, uno cambio mas! And everyone was like no you’re going to stay, we’ll see you later this week…we just know you are going to stay. But of course I couldn’t believe that because that’s just crazy talk. So the next morning at district meeting they stuck all our name tags in a bag to draw them out and give us our changes. And turns out mine was the very first one picked. That has never happened either! So of course I was like freaking out and didn’t want to know but really did… and so the elder starts asking me questions…so hna Nelson, how many cambios do you have here in Luque? 5. Oh and how many cambios do you have in the misión? 5. Oh wow, so you’ve been in this area your whole misión? Ha yes. And so by now you probably want to leave, right? No, no, I want to stay! I don’t want to leave. Well, that’s lucky because you are going to stay for one more cambio! WHAT?!!! SHUT UP! NO ME DIGA! Yeah I was like in complete shock and so so excited. And then later I found out I was staying with Remache again (holy cow) and Hna G (ha I’m super stoked to learn from her too!) So yeah crazy. I kinda feel like I’m going to leave like half way through this cambio- it’s this weird feeling, I dunno, but I feel so blessed to stay here again! These people are just AMAZING! Ha and all week everyone was like we just knew that you weren’t going to leave yet…we kept saying that it seemed imposible because you’ve already been here for 7 months, but we knew that you were going to stay again. QUE SUERTE! Ok…also, the family. So their mom left to go to Argentina for 5 days (bueno, she left them solo…it’s just the 8 kids that are there and they don’t have anyone watching them) so we’ve stopped by everyday to check on them. They just love us and oh my gosh I am so in love with ALL of them. I just want to take them all home to the states with me. And they just love going to church. They have their baptism fecha (date) this Saturday. I’m so so excited for them. And I just pray that they will continue faithful all their lives. Their mom hasn’t ever gone to church with them but she wants them to be baptized, and we’re going to start working with her specifically when she gets back. Ha so Elder Curtis is back (or I guess he is Tyler now) that’s so awesome. Yeah be excited for the pictures and drill him about Paraguay lol. Oh man, yeah and can you believe I completed HALF of my misión?!!! That just makes me sick. Time has gone by SO FAST! Everything just needs to slow down! But the misión is just great. There are hard times, but I have grown so much and I just keep learning and learning. It’s incredible. I love it. I love yall so much. Thanks for your prayers and support. Really, it means everything to me. Have a great week!

Hermanita Nelson
**Sweet Tyler Curtis brought us the pictures yesterday. There are a lot...a lot, a lot. I will be going through them and posting them soon. And thank you to Tyler because when he came with the pictures we did indeed drill him about Paraguay and he was so nice to let us and answer all our questions!

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